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Compare fractions (with like numerators or denominators)

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Comparing fractions

A fraction is a part of a whole. To find the greater fraction you need to find the fraction that contains a greater part of the whole.

If fractions have the same denominator, you can compare numerators:

$$3/4 > 1/4$$

It is possible to draw it to see the result:


If there is a common numerator, the fraction with the greater denominator is actually smaller:

$$1/3 > 1/4$$

You can draw it as well:


If two fractions do not have common numerator or denominator, you can find equivalent fractions with the same denominator.
E.g. compare $3/8$ and $1/3$:


If you compare a fraction with a whole number, you can turn the whole number into a fraction with the same denominator:

$$4=8/2=12/3=16/4=20/5= ...$$

Compare 3 and $9/4$:



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