Variable inequalities with multipl./division

Variable inequalities with multipl./division

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To solve the inequality we need to isolate the variable (a letter used as a placeholder for an unknown value, mostly x or y) to one side and everything else to the other side. All inequalities have two sides: a left side (LS) and a right side (RS). The relationship between sides can be < (less than), > (greater than), ≤ (less than or equal to), ≥ (greater than or equal to).

We can to do the same thing (adding, subtracting, multiplying every term, dividing every term) to both sides, what can help to bring like terms (numbers) together to one side and isolate the variable on the other side.

$$8−x < 3x$$
$$8 < 3x + x$$
$$8 < 4x$$
$$8÷4 < x$$
$$2 < x$$


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