Adding numbers 1-100 in columns (no carrying)

Adding numbers 1-100 in columns (no carrying)

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Adding numbers in columns

When adding larger numbers, it is often not enough to calculate mentally and it is better to use the vertical method of addition (or in columns). The example below shows the numbers 14 and 32. We write these numbers on top of each other so that the ones are under the ones, the tens are under the tens, etc. We start the calculation from the right hand side. Let's add the numbers to the ones position and then to the tens.


It also happens very often that the sum of two digits exceeds ten. Let's take the example of 75+67. Here we have to add 5 and 7, which together is 12. In this case, we write only the last digit of the sum in the ones position, i.e. 2. We have to carry the digit one to the tens column, so we add this digit (one) to 7 and 6. The result is 14. Since there are no more digits to add in the hundreds position, we write the number 14 at the beginning of the result.

5+7= 2+67752+67751427+6+ =1411


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