English Grammar Tests

Family and friends - vocabulary and collocations

Nephew, offspring, twin, widow...

Life stages and events

Childhood, adolescence, infant...


Bride, bridegroom, best man...

Describing personality 2

A pig-headed/vain person is stubborn.

Health (word formation)

It´s bad for you health/healthy.


He´s not at work. He´s on/off duty.

Air/Road/Sea travel

I suffer from jet lag/air sick.

Food and cooking

To boil bread/eggs.

Food and cooking (idioms)

I don´t like it. It´s not my cup of milk/tea.

Food and cooking (word formation)

What´s the original/origin of the dish?

Everyday actions

To mop/beat the floor.

Food, meals, and eating out

Hard/soft drinks contain alcohol.

Animal idioms

He´s as cunning as a wolf/fox.

Time idioms

I´ll be there in every/no time.

Colour idioms

I saw the boys in black/blue.

Feelings and emotions idioms

It´s not the end of the country/world.


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