English Grammar Tests

To be

I am, I am not, you are, you aren´t, he is...
You are/is happy. He aren't/isn't rich.

Have got/have

Have fun at the cinema!
My father hasn´t got a job.

Present simple

I work/works/workes.
She watch/watches/watches Tv.
He cries/cryes/cry.

Present continuous - questions; short answers

Are you working?
Is he reading? - No, he isn´t.

Present simple vs Present continuous (medium)

I think/am thinking he is fine.

Past simple - regular verbs

She hurryed/hurried. He stopped/stopd/stoped.
I worked, I played, I visited, I tried.

Past continuous - questions, short answers, negative

He wasn´t working. Was he working? No, he wasn´t.

Past simple vs Past continuous

When I saw him, he cried/was crying.

Present Perfect Simple 2

I´ve just/already; I haven´t ... yet.

Present Perfect Simple 3

Have you ever; I have never...; never before; once/twice

Past simple vs Present Perfect Simple (easy)

You look great! - Thanks, I cut/have cut my hair.

Past simple vs Present Perfect Simple (medium)

I drank two cups of tea last night.
I have drunk two cups of tea this morning.

Present Perfect Simple or Continuous

I have drunk or have been drinking?

Future - will/shall

How to use will/shall for expressing future.

Future Continuous or Perfect Simple

I´ll have done/I´ll be doing it by six.

Past Perfect Simple or Past Simple

I played or I had played?

Past tenses mix

Can you use past tenses correctly?

Used to do, be/get used to

I used to work/ I am/got used to working.


I must work. I mustn´t work. I needn´t work.

Have to/must

Have to, don´t have to, must, mustn´t

Expressing possibility

Expressing possibility in the present/future and past.
I may go. I may be going. I may have gone.


Do/Make your homework!

Passive - present continuous and perfect

It´s being done. It has been done.


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