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Prepare for school exam by practicing with the most comprehensive math exercises. Improve your math fluency through thousands of multiple-choice tests. You will receive a grade at the end of each test.

Spelling and Grammar

Improve your spelling and grammar! Test yourself on over 5000 questions. English Spelling and Grammar will help you learn to spell well in an entertaining way by playing multiple-choice tests and quizzes. It covers complete spelling and grammar including spelling rules, tricky words, irregular spelling, and commonly misspelled words.

English Grammar Tests

Learn English grammar right from your phone with this app perfect for all non-native speakers. Thousands of questions with instant explanation, sorted by topics.

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Learn theory before practicing.
Check explanations during tests.

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Test your knowledge on more than 5000 questions.

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Create your tailored study plan.

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See history of all your tests with every question you answered.

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Connect parent's phone to check on their child progress in Parent connect app.

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Learn from the most common errors

Test is built from questions that people often answer incorrectly. Rank is updated regularly allowing you to stay focused on the most difficult parts.

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